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Integrative Energy Therapy works with the energy field of a person in various ways, such as through gentle hands-on touch.


The therapist tunes into the client’s energy field and chakras by either placing her hands gently on the client’s body or in the client’s aura. In this way, the therapist scans for blocked energy, clears the auric field and charges and revitalizes it. The client meanwhile rests on a plinth and is fully clothed at all times.


Healing can take place on many different levels, and this holistic method has beneficial effects on the body, mind, and spirit. It can stimulate a person’s self-healing energies, integrate body, mind and spirit, and enhance a sense of well-being. This form of energy therapy can help a person to access the wisdom of their bodymind and stimulate innate resources for healing.

Helma is a graduate of the Snowlion Center School of Healing, a four-year comprehensive training in integrative energy therapy under the direction of Rolf Steiner.

Integrative Therapy
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